West Australian
Pure, Natural, Unprocessed
Straya Bush Honey

As a second generation beekeeper, most my life has been based around bees and the bush. I enjoy the lifestyle that beekeeping provides me and I love the pristine places that I get to call my office, the views are absolutely breathtaking. As a honey admirer,
I always look forward to tasting the new honies as they come in.

I have an impressive number of apiary sites which means my bees can source nectar from a range of different floral species. Having these sites allows me give you the opportunity to taste unique quality honies from the pristine West Australian bush, from the bee to you.


Active Honies Available

TA 20+ / 25+ / 30+ / 35+

Eucalypts | Jarrah | Marri (Redgum) | Karri | Blackbutt | Mallees | Wandoo | Powderbark | Yellowtingle | Yorkgum | Yate  Mallets | Leptospermum | Wildflower |
Onesided-Bottlebrush |
 Parrotbush | Trifurcata | Tagassasi 
Plus Many More


I provide a pollination service for our farmers and transport bees to most of WA with the exception of quarantine borders in the north. The bees are delivered in neat loads of 4 on pallets for quick delivery and removal.



Opening Times

                 1/28 Elliott Street, Midvale

                       Monday – Friday

                        9.00am – 3.30pm

Online sell

For online sales please send me an email from the contact section below and I’ll be more than happy to help out with your online order enquires. Don’t forget to ask me about my active honies!

The Processes

I enjoy making a variety of different honey, i migrate the bees at the end of a honey flow as long as another flow is not starting soon. The bees are loaded onto the truck and I drive through the night to take the bees to the next location.
While the bees are on location the health of the bees is regularly monitored while also gauging the bees food sources. I do not artificially feed my bees so I have to be precise and I can’t be greedy with the amount of honey that I take off.
When taking off the honey I use the Clearer Board System so the bee does not get stressed. I find this system works best for me as well as the bees, although there is a fair bit more travel time involved.
The honey boxes are then bought back to the extracting plant. Once extracted the empty boxes are then taken to put back onto the hives. The honey is stored and labelled until packaged and then sold directly through my market stall or online.

The honey is not filtered or heated to preserve all the natural pollens vitamins and enzymes. Certain honey is chosen for testing where a sample is sent to a laboratory. Here the honey is tested for its Total Activity level (Antibiotic Activity against S. aureus) and the Antioxidant activity can also be tested. The tested honey is stored and labelled until packaged and then sold directly through my market stall or online.


I carefully migrate the bees at the end of a honey flow to their next location.

On Location

While on location the bees are monitored and health checked regularly.

Taking off the Honey

I use the clearer board system to take the honey off so they bees do not get stressed.


The honey boxes are then brought to the extraction plant where they are extracted, labelled and stored.

Ready for Sale

The honey is then packaged and ready for sale online and at my shopping Midvale. 1/28 Elliott st Midvale.